my resignation & I give back the sun  ( not that the idea & sense will be misapply again )

    Kanzashi: The Traditional Hair Ornament and Self-Defense Weapon

    The 3 Most Popular Traditional Japanese Swords

aha, first I have to resign/ to determinate

that was not the idea with cross 1999.ch

& have to see how much I get for work
dec.1999 to 2015 (79 years+vacances)

Switzerland  1999 - 2015  --aktuel data today : 04.01.2016

Since y. 1999 or 2000 I am a victim of Mind Control (RFID).
I had to work against my will 24 h/ day & without salary.
(psychology tests, technology tests, some data robbery)
I think I should be the one many people & faiths waited for.
Looks some stealed my personality & did buisness with it.
I take no responsibility for publications & interpretations.
All products & money requests were illegal & not my will.
Their plan : For years I was sick & not able to funktioner. 
Their plan : Steal my identity & future to create own version.
I have to think was : financiel, religious & political sabotage 

Not possible to have friends, I am a virgin & I have no kids. 

1999 /2000      
21.12.2012   --  should be all prepare, that was the right time
9. Gmach Wilka (Biały Pies) - 2012 - 3632 r. n. e.  --  Bóg Weles 

- year 1999 - I was 19 years old
- every free time after work I watched the sky from my mansarde
- first little signs begun summer 1999 ( like rain when left house or returned)
- 1. bigger sign, big storm in Switzerland 26.12.1999 (Stephan = crown)
- march 2000 on a rainy, windy & cloudy day past four clouds, 4 figures in front my window
- this time begun to realize something is not okey (impulses in body, itched, etc...)
- I feeled observed - begun to become psychotic - for many years was out of function

- today I realize a bit / I waited 15 years bevore said something - opened this side
- nobody else did try - this clouds saw propably also other people, I lived in a town
- today have to think, I know that I get chiped and blocked
- some neighbours had to observe me, read some prophecies, saw my first-names
- I have to think cause my first-names are like:
   in Jesaja 9 --> Konrad = adviser -- Michał (Michau) = Michael, who is like god
- and cause the four clouds / 4 figures like in Daniel 7 and Revelation 4

- cause nobody else tried, the data 21.12.2012 is already over 4 years past
   ---> I will try to do something
           ---> when I become free and healphy again, when I have organized copy rights
   ---> Cause the right astronomic time is past
           ---> It will by more a story / a school : like it could or like it should be (maybe one day more)


 L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,  (1999)

 Du ciel viendra un gran Roy d'effrayeur.
 Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois.
 Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

'' old, stary dialekt - possible false translation '' (TV France)                
effrayeur - (erfreuen, Freude ?)  terror could here mean luck                                        
groza moglo znaczycz - szczężśćie -- groza = gran, great, gross ?    

( just cause they have fear it means not he is a terrorist - is god a terrorist?)

1999 : obserwed the sky all time through big window in small mansarde,
              weekend and after the work  ---  first weather signs  ---

March 2000  --
four figures in four clouds past on front of my window on windy and cloudy day  ( jet, lion-eagle, ?, bear)

Revelation Jan 4  &  Daniel 7  

 During the last days of persecution of Holy
 Romanic Church govern will Peter Roman,
 which brings for his herd many sorrows;
 after town seven hills will be destroyed
 and fearful/terrible justice will judge people.

'' Malachias '' :  112 popes   (aktuel 111.)


Urodziłem się 5. grudnia roku 1979 w Tychach, Polska. 
I was born 5. december year 1979 in Tychy, Polska.
Ich bin geboren am 5. Dezember 1979 in Tychy, Polska.
Je suis nee le 5. decembre 1979 in Tychy, Polska.
Tyche w greckiej mytologji jest boginą losu.
Tyche in greek mythology is the female godhead of destination.
Tyche in griechicher Mythologie ist die Goetinn des Schicksals.
Jak miałem 9 lat przybyłem do Szwajcarji.
As I was 9 years old, I came to Switzerland.
Als ich 9 Jahre alt war, kam ich in die Schweiz.
Quand j'etais 5 ans, je venait en Suisse.
Byłem w szkole do 17. wieku życia. Przes rodzinne i finansowe powody przerwałem gymnazium.
Tak naprawde chciałem zrobic 4 letnią szkołe nauczyciela lub zostac policianten.
Aby zostac policianten w Szwajcarji trzeba miec zawód - więc chciałem 4 letnią szkołe nauczyciela zamiast gymnazium.
I was at school till I was 17 years old. Cause of familiar and financial reasons I broke up the college.
Ich war in der Schule bis ich 17 Jahre alt. Aus familiaeren und finanziellen Gruenden brach ich das Gymnasium ab.
W roku 1999 kiedy byłem 19, wróciłem po 3 miesiącach do St.Gallen, gdzie mieszkałem od 9 roku życia. (Gallus= mnich 5/6. wiek)
In year 1999 as I was 19, I returned after 3 months to St.Gallen, were I lived since I was 9 years old. ( Gallus - monk 5/6 century)
Im Jahre 1999, als ich 19 war, kehrte ich nach drei Monaten zurueck nach St.Gallen, wo ich lebte seit ich 9 Jahre alt war.
Znalazłem prace i ladną mansarde.
Mieszkanie miało duże okno w dachu. Wspaniale było widac niebo i kolory gdy słonce zachodziło.
I found work and a small penthouse. The room had a big window in the roof.
You could see the sky and the colors when the sun did set.
Ich fand Arbeit und eine kleine Dachwohnung. Die Wohnung hatte ein grossen Fenster im Dach.
Man konnte hervorragend den Himmel sehen und auch die Farben bei Sonnenuntergang.
Po jakims czasie dostałem więcej pracy i mogłem odkładac dosc wiele pieniędzy. Pracowałem prawie 120%, miałem niskie koszty i nie wiele potrzeb.
After a time I get more work and could safe monthly quite a lot money. I worked almost 120%, had low costs and not much needs.
Nach einer Zeit bekam ich mehr Arbeit & konnte monatlich recht viel Geld sparen.Arbeitete fast 120%, hatte niedrige Kosten & wenig Beduerfnisse.
Byłem zmotywowany i miałem dobry rytmus. Wstawałem o 5 rano i zaczynałem o 6. Z reguły lubie pracowac. Wszystko było i byłoby dobrze, gdyby...
I was young, motivated & had a good rythmus. I stood up at 5 o'clock & begun at 6. Normally I like to work. All was & would be fine, when...
I war motiviert und hatte einen guten Rythmus. I stand auf um 5 Uhr und begann um 6. I mag es zu arbeiten. Alles war und waere gut, wenn ...